3 Creative Product Advertisement Examples & Ad Campaigns You Must See

Over the years, companies have been increasingly concerned about their branding and focus on innovative advertising strategies to promote their products and services. 카지노사이트 There are several kinds of advertisements. Product Advertisement examples include both online or offline advertising that focuses on the specific product manufactured by the company. While some companies focus on their products and highlight their utility, some just promote the brand in totality by composing their own advertisement slogan. 

The advertisement of a product, service, or company enhances its visibility and increases its customer base. The products in advertisements are presented in a way that they gain maximum mass appeal and increase their sales. 

However, advertisements are not just a tool for companies to increase their sales and profits. Advertisements also ensure greater awareness about a specific brand and its products. Thus, a company also tries to enhance its customer base and increase customer loyalty towards its products through its product advertisement examples. 

The following are some of the most popular brands that have won several hearts for their unique advertisement ideas. Each of the following companies has used specific styles of advertisements to promote their manufactured products. Be it using social media advertisements or running them on television, the following companies have some of the best product advertisement examples for attracting the crowd. 

Best Creative Product Advertisments Examples

We have curated the list of the best examples of creative advertisements that have forced people to gaze at them in awe.

1. BBC Dracula Billboard

BBC attracted millions of people across the United Kingdom through its out-of-the-box advertising strategy for Dracula Billboard. The company set up billboards across the United Kingdom with several steaks hammered on them. The arrangement of the steaks caused the real thrill at night when the shadow of the steaks formed the face of a vampire. 바카라사이트 While on the one hand, this advertised the show Dracula Billboard, it also implemented an innovative advertising strategy to catch the eyes of the people. 

It is evident how the company did not choose to go for mainstream advertising over social media or Television and came up with such an innovative idea to promote their show across the UK. But what was so different about this? 

Indeed, setting up billboards is nothing great but the arrangement of the steaks and its reflection certainly was. The company did not just aim to attract people traveling along that path but also sought to engrain the picture of their show in their minds. 

2. Always: Like a Girl

Always stands to be one of the most unique social media product advertisement examples. The company’s tagline #LikeAGirl brought about an uproar on social media as it empowered young women and ensured they felt more confident. The idea behind the advertisement phrase was an idea to accept oneself and not feel inferior. 

The #LikeAGirl catchphrase became viral all over social media, and young girls began to use the phrase more often than ever. It gave girls a lot of encouragement and accept themselves without comparing with boys. The ad made them believe they are equally stronger, quite against the popular belief. 

The product advertisement examples mentioned in this section explains the marketing strategies undertaken by a few world-recognized companies and how it has impacted their target customers. It is evident that all these advertisements focused on creating innovative or eye-catching advertisements to increase their customer base. 온라인카지노

3. Debeers: A diamond is forever

Debeer is one of the most significant ornament companies that began its popular ad slogan ‘A diamond is forever’. It signified the importance of engagement rings, associating the same with ever-lasting marriages. Debeers brought about a significant change in the industry whereby the sales of diamond rings in general and Debeers rings in particular skyrocketed. 

The company based its advertisement on a simple message of love the importance of marriage. It utilized the romantic notions of people about marriage and presented it in a picture-perfect way through its advertisement slogan. Though Debeers rarely went for elaborate advertisements, all of them were built around this tagline. 

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